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Fertility First                 

"We've  been trying to get pregnant for almost a year, and nothing has happened.  We desperately want a baby.  Can you help us?"

"I am so sick of taking the pill, and I hate the side effects, especially the moodiness.  I don't want to keep pumping my body with chemicals, but I need some form of contraceptive.  Is this the kind of thing you deal with?"

"I have poly cystic ovaries and am worried about not being able to get pregnant when I want to in the future.  I want to find out if my fertility is ok now.  Can you help me work out what is going on with my fertility?"

"I am breastfeeding my eight week old baby and am ready to resume having intercourse with my partner but am worried about falling pregnant again.  I don't want to be taking the pill or have an IUD put in.  Is there something more natural that I can do?"

These are all common questions our educators at Fertility First are asked.  The answer to all of them is yes, Fertility First, does have something to offer. 

By learning about your menstrual cycle and signs of fertility you can use this information to help you conceive, avoid pregnancy or learn more about your fertility and menstrual cycle.  No fancy devices are needed, just a pen, digital thermometer, a fertility chart and individualised teaching from a Fertility First Fertility Educator.

Fertility First offers education in fertility, the menstrual cycle and natural family planning methods to women and their partners, health professionals and community groups.

We teach only the scientifically proven Sympto-Thermal Method and the Lactational Amenorrhoea Methods of Natural Family Planning as approved by the World Health Organisation.  Our Fertility Educators are accredited with Natural Fertility New Zealand.