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Quotes "..Since 2004 we have been using the services of Mary Lynne Minor (an accredited educator with NFNZ) who has worked at our school for the past seven years delivering our `Positive Puberty' sessions. She has shown an understanding of our school community and addresses and delivers the content and process to match. She is sensitive to the children's age and stage of development and enables them to develop the knowledge and skills they need to undersand their sexuality and development. Mary Lynne is approachable and is knowledgeable. She is very well known in her field and is always well prepared for the lessons she leads with the children. She emphasises an attitude of respect, care and concern in all her sessions with the children and leads the parent consultation and information evening with clarity and instils confidence in the parents about the programme..." Quotes
St John's School, Auckland
Pubertal change classes

Quotes Cassandra made me feel at ease right from my arrival outside the building to the time I left. This welcoming actually started well before I got to my first appointment!. The level of information I have been taught about my cycle has been very good and well delivered. A friend suggested I contact Cassandra as she had used the service and it had helped her get pregnant. I also was referred by the Pregnancy Centre. Cassandra has already gone 'above and beyond' my expectations of this service. Thank you so much. Quotes
satisfied client

Quotes We were made to feel very welcome and put at ease by Cassandra. She explained everything very clearly and thoroughly. We have found Cassandra's service and approach very good and professional and personable - we have achieved our goals and are now pregnant! Quotes
Fiona and Sam
satisfied client

Quotes "A very informative evening for the Parents. It was good to meet MaryLynn Minor and I felt reassured that the children were in capable hands. It was good to see clippings from the video which gave us insight into what the children would experience. Also when my son fed back to me the following day, I had a better understanding of what he was talking about having been at the evening myself i.e. in the way of the video, charts, topics covered etc. He himself looked forward to the day, he viewed it as a big event! He returned home full of enthusiasm and positive feedback. It was interesting to hear that he felt he had learnt some new things Mum and Dad had not covered with home prior to the course! I also felt that it was good for him to hear these things from a different source." Quotes
Feedback from a parent
Pubertal change classes and parents evening

Quotes "Thankyou for coming and teaching us Marylynne. It was fun". "It was very informative". "The session was well organised and presented". "We had a good time, thanks". Quotes
Year 12 Students at a local highschool
Session on Natural Fertility and Contraception

Quotes "I really enjoyed the talk and found it was well presented by Marylynne and the content was easy to understand". "This was an excellent session and it was helpful to know where to refer people to." Quotes
Fertility Awareness session with Family Planning
Feedback from nurses

Quotes Cassandra was very good at making you feel more relaxed and at ease. She was very friendly, yet professional and easy to understand. I heard about the service through a friend who had gone through the course and my doctor also referred me. Quotes
Gayle and Mitchell
satisfied client

Quotes We felt extremely comfortable in the clinic. Cassandra was wellcoming, had a good sense of humour and was extremely clear in the way she taught. She answered all our questions, was very clear about what we were required to do and informative. She explained heaps of background information that we were interested in. We found out about the programme through a friend that was doing the course and also from Family Planning. Quotes
Sharon and Harry
satisfied client

Quotes Cassandra was lovely and made us feel very at home. She explained things very clearly. Quotes
satisfied client

Quotes Cassandra has a very open and welcoming nature. She helps you feel very comfortable. The diagrams and take-home material really helped. She was able to answer all our questions. We were so happy with the advice, guidance and support we received. Cassandra is brilliant and always available for a chat. Thank you so much. Quotes
Clarissa and Danny
satisfied client