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Trying to get pregnant

Sometimes it is not as simple as sperm meets egg, or just having lots of intercourse. 

Unfortuantely, there is alot of misinformation available about fertility and the menstrual cycle in books and on the internet.  Our Fertility First educators are extensively trained in fertility and the menstural cycle and offer the latest up to date, scientifically based information.   Consultations with our Fertility First educators offer the opportunity for you to ask those questions that you think are 'silly' (which they are not), and seek clarification on various issues related to fertility.

A common misconception that we deal with is that all women ovulate on day 14, so intercourse between days 10 and 16 will eventually result in conception.  NOT TRUE.   Just as everyone's  eye, skin and hair colour are different, so are people's fertility. Your fertility will be different to your sister, mother, or aunty.  Your fertility is unique to you. Fertility First educators will work one on one with you to work out what your particular fertility pattern is.

If you choose to work with a Fertility First educator you will learn how to observe the signs of fertility that your body shows you, record these on a simple chart and learn how to interpret these signs.  From this information, your Fertility First educator can establish if you are ovulating, if fertile mucus coincides with ovulation, see if intercourse is timed with fertile mucus, and check the length of time in the second part of your cycle.  These sessions are one on one, with you and your partner.   No expensive or compicated computers, urine or saliva testing kits are required.  Just you, your partner, a pen, a fertility chart and your digital oral thermometer. 

Many things can affect your fertility and your chances of conceiving.  Why not download our Fertility Checklist to see how you score?

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