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The experts in conception and contraception, naturally.

Looking for a reliable 'natural' contraceptive method?

Are you tired of taking the pill?  Sick of taking the responsibility for contraception?  Don't like using condoms? Looking for a contraceptive method that fits with your values and beliefs?

Fertility First offers a method of 'natural' contraception that is easy to learn and only requires you, a pen, a fertility chart and an oral digital thermometer.  No pills to take, no injections and no complicated or expensive computers, urine or saliva testing kits.   The method that we teach is the World Health Organisations approved Sympto-Thermal Method of Natural Family Planning which is at least 98% effective. 

Simply put, we teach women how to recognise their personal signs of fertility (cervical mucus and basal body temperature) and how to interpret these.  A simple chart is filled in each day and it is this information which gives a clear picture of one's fertility.  From here, guidelines are taught how to establish whether or not you are in the fertile or infertile time of your cycle. Decisions can then be made as to the safe times for unprotected intercourse.  

It usually takes 3-4 sessions with a Fertility First Educator to work out what your particular pattern is.  This may take more sessions if you have recently come off a chemical form of contraception such as 'the pill' or Depo Provera.  

Remember, your fertility is unique to you, and different to your sister, mother or aunt, or any book or website you visit.  There can be a huge range of what is normal, and by working one on one with a Fertility First Educator, we can teach you about your particular pattern.

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