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Menopause - a journey

Menopause is the time when periods cease.  This usually occurs between the ages of 40-58 years.  It may take years for periods  to cease or it may happen suddenly.

Most people are interested in the peri-menopause phase which is the time when things start to change with your menstrual cycle.  The average age of the appearance of symptoms is 50-54 years.  This transition phase can take 2-7 years.  Cycles may be: longer, shorter, anovulatory (no ovulation), irractic, periods may be heavier or lighter.  Some women will experience: night sweats, hot flushes, moodiness, anxiety, vaginal dryness, problems with acne, a decrease in libido, insomnia, tiredness, sleeping problems, a reduction in the production of cervical mucus, tender breasts.  Some women will be glad that their periods are almost over and greatful they no longer have to worry about contraception.  Others grieve their percieved loss of womanliness and their potential ability to conceive and bring a new life into the world. Some will see this as part of aging - for good or bad.

Fertility First Educators will work with you to track your cycles, and see where you are in this journey.   The focus is on the increasing patches of infertility, rather than fertility.  We are able to also suggest some practical solutions to some of the symptoms you may be experienceing.

Many women who have used the Sympto-Thermal Method of Natural Family Planning will return to see one of our Fertility First Educators at this stage of change.  The guidelines they were taught many years ago, and have successfully used for contraception, no longer seem to offer as much safe time for unprotected intercourse.  New guidelines for peri-menopausal women have been developed, and these can be easily taught over a couple of sessions. 

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